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[#014] Tiredddddddddddd

i. Sammy and Ri left today!!!!! Had a shit ton of fun that involved trying to make margaritas (hahahah). I cut myself a bunch of times, spilled all sorts of food over me, dropped things left and right, even somehow broke a unopened bottle of hot sauce we bought THAT DAY. I don't know what was up with me yesterday, but I was really, as Sammy said, just a hot mess. lol What can I do? We also broke out my board games, and they got really into Ticket to Ride which was a fucking lot of fun. *___________* They taught me how to play 500-pt Rummy (I think that's what it was called) which was ALSO a lot of fun! And then today before they left, we got into like hours long discussion on media, racism, representation, jdramas, and fanfiction. Probably other things too, but I can't recall exactly. It was just really interesting and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about these things. *_________*

ii. All that said. Despite the fact that I definitely got a LOT OF SLEEP. I am still super sleepy. lol I watched a couple of things (finished off the jar of salsa we were using as chips dip) and now I just wanna nap. It's only 5:30 though so IDK if I should risk it because then I'll probably sleep late. Again. As always. (okay yeah no different than usual.)

iii. SO YESTERDAY. Or was it the day before? I can't remember. But I was rereading some of my old posts on LJ and I refound the Vote off the Pretties meme I had done like 5 years ago. I AM TEMPTED TO BRING IT BACK. But idk if anyone would actually vote. I think you can only vote on LJ with LJ accounts. And Twitter has a limit of 4 results in one poll, so idk. It seems like a lot of work. (That said, I already started looking up photos just in case I do get the urge to go through with it. WHO KNOWS THOUGH. I am me. AKA lazy as fuck.)


v. Okay, so I put that last point in just so I could have 5 points instead of an odd 4 point-er. I promised Cyn that I'd do the 30 days of fangirlism meme in my next post and so. Here we go!
30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 04 –First, current, or favorite fandom crush
I'm assuming this means characters in fandoms? And that I can choose any of the three options? So I'm going with first. That would definitely be Taichi from Digimon. I loved him so much--his headstrongness, his determination, his (ahah) courage. I thought he was such a strong character, and I really wanted him to be happy. Although, back then, I definitely DID NOT SHIP TAICHI/SORA so I was like, yes. Go be with Yamato (who I slightly disliked because of his antagonism with Taichi lol). And instead, I was a random fan of Taichi/Mimi because, idk, I liked the stereotypes they represented and thought they'd work well together. Also, the character was cute. So yes. Definitely one of my first fandom crushes. :DDDDD

Days: 01 | 02 | 03
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