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[#015] While B Plays Destiny....

...And I take a short break from doing random transcription work, putting up a post!! :D

Okay, so I'm doing three days, because when I copied over the first two, I automatically was like, um, I'm definitely not going to have a good enough response to justify A WHOLE POST. lol

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 05 – Your fandom secret
Okay, I really couldn't think of one? In the few fandoms I've been an active participant in, I haven't really done anything that, I think, was worth keeping secret. The only thing I could think of was that in the early days of the JE anon hate meme, I was in there commenting (anonymously ofc). It was back when hate memes hated on the boys and not so much the users. I still remember cackling when Yamapi's dead fish eyes first came up because I remember commenting along in that convo. Still one of my favoritest fandom jokes.

Day 06 – Favorite song that brings fangirl tears to your eyes
Um. I'm trying to think. I don't know if I have any? Like, they'd have to be connected to something in particular. Like a jdrama or an anime. Like the song in 1 Litre of Tears that they sing on the bridge, I think? Definitely would make me tear up. But a song just in general? I don't know if I really have one.

Day 07 – Your OTP(s)
OKAY. SO. In general, I never have ONE ship that I will stick to. Currently though, since I'm only actively reading for two fandoms, that's what I'll talk about. In Teen Wolf, it's hands down Sterek aka Stiles/Derek. I can read other fic in that fandom with other pairings, but about 90%-95% would have to be Sterek. Then there's Check, Please where it just HAS to be Jack/Bitty. But again, I can read other pairings in that fandom, but my OTP is without a doubt Zimbits! :D

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I hope I will be seeing Rhey and Cyn in my comments again. >.>
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