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[#017] What a Difference a Day Makes

So. After yesterday's downer of a post, today is happy!!!!!!

i. First and foremost, everyone on my Twitter has been so fucking awesome today. I'm pretty sure we are spamming people's timelines. There's convos with Beth, Jemz, and Karen, and Cyn and Rhey. It's just so much fun, and reminds me why I love the online community so so so much. I have convinced a few of them to come back to LJ for a little bit. Some of them MAY BE DOING THE MEME TOO, so that's going to be damn awesome. I just like people. I spent a good portion of today just catching up on my comments (because Cyn decided to just come in and blow up my other two posts lol, NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING OF COURSE). And even though I intended to do some semblance of chores (I really need to wash my sheets), that is definitely going to be put off until tomorrow.

All that's really important is is that I love you all, and I'm so glad you're my friends. ♥♥♥

(and i'm really really proud of myself to actually be able to convince other ppl to do the fangirl meme because it's so much fun and i'm so ready to read everyone's responses.)

ii. Second thing that made me happy today was that NGOZI OPENED UP HER STORE AGAIN. In which she was selling Huddles 1 and 2, PLUS SAMWELL UNIVERSITY SHIRTS. SO guess what I spent 50 bucks on before I even really woke up this morning. *__________* No fucking regrets. AND I may have just checked my email, and it's already marked as going off to ship. GUYS, I ALMOST HAVE UGLY TEARS RIGHT NOW. UGLY UGLY TEARS.

iii. Third, B cheered me up in the simplest of ways. All he had to do was text me some ridiculousness, as he does, and it made me laugh. This boy, indeed.

iv. I finally watched ScreenJunkies' TV Fights title championship today, and it was so bloody good. Like, movie fights is well and fun, but I think TV Fights is my favorite. Probably in large part because as a medium, I prefer television, but whatever. Anyway, I tweeted a couple of things, and Roxy (the host/judge) favorited them and I might've silently squeed to myself after that happened. So yay!!!!! I'm just sad I didn't get to livetweet it like everyone else I follow. lol It ended up even TRENDING that night, which is fucking amazing!!!!!

v. Okay, I meant to put a point on reccing a podcast, but as this is already the fifth point, I'll put that off until another post lol

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 08 – A fandom that you thought you wouldn’t get sucked into, but ended up getting sucked into anyway
Okay. The easy answer would probably be Teen Wolf, because what the fuck, why am I so obsessed with these characters, TO THIS DAY STILL READ THEIR FIC, even though I've only seen half of the first season and only know characterizations through all the Youtube compilations and Tumblr gifsets. Oh and like two years worth of reading fic.

BUT THAT'S THE EASY ANSWER. So here are two different answers since I've been obnoxiously using Teen Wolf for everything. This first one will be simple. It's all because of fucking Cyn. Dan/Blair in Gossip Girl. Okay, this only partially counts for me, because I don't give a shit about the other characters. I only care about fucking Dan and Blair and their story, and how that last season fucking ruined them. And the only reason I got into them, because I KNOW FOR A FACT I WOULD NEVER HAVE SOUGHT THEM OUT MYSELF BECAUSE I HATED THIS SHOW, was because of Cyn and how she got me to watch all these damn Dan/Blair scenes, and how the season this was happening was season 5 which was DAIR ALL THE WAY. You know, until that ending. SO YES. I definitely shouldn't have gotten sucked in, but their chemistry and their banter and their potential was enough to get their hooks into me.

Second is Arrow. Which is a surprise, I know, because I was reccing this show left and right. But I didn't get into it until halfway through its second season, I think? But I wasn't keen on starting a CW show, and so resisted, and especially because whatever, who's the Green Arrow? He's not important? How boring. But I remember it being winter break, and I must've been bored, and I think I saw more than enough people on Tumblr who were spazzing about Olicity, and their characters, that I folded. And I DON'T REGRET IT. Because holy fuck, season 2 of Arrow has to be one of my top favorite seasons of any television show. Yes, it has gone significantly downhill since then, but I'm hoping with this next season they can fix it up. The last year of flashbacks. I NEED THEM TO RECOVER, because Olicity is still a ship that I love. And even though I haven't seen the last few eps of this season, I remain at least a little hopeful. Maybe.

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