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[#018] Help?

i. OKAY. So I wasn't going to bring this up until it happened, but Cyn came up with a good point that I could ask you lovely people for advice and tips! But uh, I might've gotten an interview for next Wednesday. Now, I have only ever had interviews in-house. (And that was only one occurrence and I obvs didn't get the job lol) So my knowledge and experience with this is minimal at best. I've been mainlining the website and I think she has some good advice for researching the company, what questions will likely be asked, and what questions I should be asking.

BUT IS THERE ANYTHING THERE THAT I SHOULD KEEP IN MIND? Like, explain it me like I have no common sense, cough. (CYn laughing suggested I should also post up my potential outfits and have you guys decide what I should wear too. lololol)

ii. IN OTHER HAPPY NEWS, my niece is 4!!!!!! oh god how is this going by so fast. T.T

I can't believe she's grown so big now. Sobbing.

iii. Eh, might as well.

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 09 – One of your favorite characters

IN LIKE ALL OF MY FANDOMS EVER? Sailor Mercury will probably always be in my top favorite characters of all time. I always related to her as a kid, and always thought despite the fact that her attacks at the beginning were really weak (like seriously? mist?), thought the team would've definitely fallen apart without her there. She was the sturdy one, reliable and smart, the planner. I LOVED HER OKAY. Plus we both wore glasses so fuck yes. ♥♥♥

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