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[#019] COMICON!!!!!!


Can you tell I'm super excited? Like, I cannot express enough how ridiculously happy I am that I finally managed to get 3-day tickets. I have tried for years and years, and this is finally the year I win!!!!! :) almost overbought, but luckily J hadn't gotten her ticket yet so I got hers as well.

This year, I'm also planning on going truly dressed up. One year I was the Black Canary (Arrow tv-show version) without the blonde wig, but I wasn't fully immersed. THIS YEAR, I want to actually attempt a costume. And I decided (actually I chose this a few months ago, I blame B) to dress up as Yennefer from Witcher 3. For the most part, it shouldn't be that difficult for most of the items--just minor add-ons here and there. But it's the jacket (doublet?) that will probably prove to be a bitch and a half. So because it'll probably take me a while, I AM GOING TO START IMMEDIATELY. Like maybe even next week. *________* (have i mentioned enough how excited i am about this whole thing. also i just love yennefer and i am tempted to get a small stuffed unicorn to bring around with me hahahahahahaha)

Now i just need to figure out how to sew. (hahah. J said she'd help me with that part though. I guess it's mostly tracking down all the items, SIGH.) also if any of you've done this before and can give me some tips? that'd be fucking awesome.

ii. So I unfortunately broke my streak of posting at least once a week for the past month (and a half?). Last week, after the interview, I was largely at B's and didn't really have a computer. And when I was on his computer, I just procrastinated and played games (We finished The Room, and I am fucking amazing at Hexcells. But speaking of the interview, I don't think it went badly, but it has been over a week now. And so I doubt I'm in the running, lol. Which is perfectly okay. I mean, you can't win them all, you know? J helped me out a lot and was practicing with me Tuesday night. :) I just have to keep on chugging.

iii. Uhhhhh, I don't have much else! Things that've made me happy this past week:
1) Trashy, trashy Coupled. Like, I hate all dating shows (usually), but this one kills me for some reason, and I'm just super excited to see where all these relationships go, and who is going to end up with whom in the end. There's one girl who just grates at me, and let's just say I am an evil person. :X
3) Check, Please updated this past week, and N just always manages to choose the week I'm at my busiest to update. BUT IT'S COOL. I FOLLOWED ALONG (even if it was hours later) and SPAZZED ALONG WITH EVERY ONE ELSE. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK.
4) I got myself a puzzle coloring book!!!!! It's a lot of fun and I don't have to choose random colors to color in these pictures--i'm giving numbers associated with colors and I have to follow them, and it is exactly what I need from a coloring book. lol Today, I had to buy a 50 pack of coloring pencils to go with it, but WHATEV. I am excited to break them in.
5) I went to a quiet dance party last Friday, and it's not quite as quiet as they say. People are singing at the top of their lungs, they're dancing like mad, and it was an insane amount of fun. Like, I thought I'd be self-conscious, but no! You just went all out, because even though people can see what channel you're on (the wireless headphones have 3 separate channels you can cycle through), it becomes more of a OMG, YOU'RE DANCING THAT WILD? MUST BE A GOOD SONG. So yeah, there were five of us and we were sweating like beasts at the end of the night. I was fucking sore as shit when I woke up (the first time) Saturday morning, but it was so worth it. I would totally go again!!!!!
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