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[#009] Oh hay


i. My Check, Please! fic rec post was finally finished yesterday; check it out here if you missed it!

ii. I watched Call Me Katie yesterday, which is a vlog-style adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. It was fucking adorable, and starred Aussies, and they fixed up a few of the things that I had always found annoying about the original play (which, I'll be honest, is probably one of my favorite Shakespeare plays). They're currently kickstarter-ing (is that a verb now? Does that make sense) the sequel which I have already done so, but if you're interested in doing so too, go here!

If you haven't even seen the series, go here for a mostly complete list (it's only missing the last few bits). You can just go through the tag chrono here, but it does miss a few items here and there, so doublecheck the list! (In particular, they miss a video near the start from Bianca that's pretty important.)

Because of this though, I have now been craving way more vlog series. I mean, it's not like I have enough television to watch, right? (I've been holding off on catching up, because I just want May Sweeps here and over so that it's finales and I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT EPISODE BY EPISODE.) Anyway, I've seen pretty much all of them, but there is a Much Ado About Nothing one which I'm debating watching (the actors look like babies and I don't know if I can handle that) and the Classic Alice one which I've never seen. I also discovered the Mansfield Park one yesterday too! So yeah, there's a lot. But I crave more.

iii. Speaking of, I now really really really wish there was one for Check, Please! because I think that would be the fucking cutest thing in the world. Like, the premise of the webcomic itself IS A VLOG. So it would work so fucking well. And can we have all the baking? Just all of it? Kind of like how they did Sanditon where every other video was an... ice cream related one? (I think? I can't remember honestly.) A bunch of us even went off on Twitter about how this would work. Now someone just has to make it happen. (I feel like it might be best to wait though until the comic is over. but then it means I wouldn't have it in my life sooner. if it ever did. ugh. sob.)

iv. I didn't intend for this post to be this long, but whatever. WHEN DO I EVER POST ANYWAY. SO Dancing With The Stars switch-up week was Monday, and it was okay. I feel like they've been much stronger past seasons, but there were only a few standouts of partnerships we WISHED had happened. Like Val/Jodie should've been the choice from the start. Or NYLE/SHARNA. Like, Peta's cool and I like her a lot, but fucking hell, I had been really hoping Nyle/Sharna had been the pairing from the start, and as demonstrated by the video I'm embedding below, their chemistry is kind of off the walls.

NYLE EVEN GOT THE FIRST TEN OF THE SEASON. I mean, he also got the first nine like two weeks ago, BUT YES, 10. AND FROM LEN. HOLY SHIT BALLS. If Nyle's at least not in the top 3, I would be shocked. (I don't know if I'd root for him to win outright.... who am i kidding, i am, even though he is super awkward at points and it's hilarious how bad he really cannot dance)

v. God, this post is long. I don't actually have a fifth point, but it seems incomplete.... OH WAIT, I FORGOT THE MEME. LOL

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 02 – Your current fandom
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Gosh, I wonder. Check, Please! is definitely my current fandom. I'm ridiculously obsessed and in love with this webcomic. I mean, I even babble about it to people in my real life like B and J who are like, uh-huh, yeah, sure. Although I did force J to read the last few comics of Year 2, and the first of Year 3, and she seemed to enjoy it. lol I would also vaguely count Teen Wolf solely because I still fucking read all the fic. Like, I couldn't care less about the actual show and what's going on there, but I will still read ALL THE FIC. I regularly check these different tumblr comms, and individual tumblr writers to see if they've updated. It's kind of sad. XD

P.S. OMG, I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION. I AM GOING TO MIAMI/CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS IN OCTOBER. C and I officially bought the plane tickets yesterday and I am excited! I'm even more excited that I'm actually on top of my expenses? Whattttttttttttt. Yay, tax money lol.

[#008] Check, Please! Fanfic Recs!!

SO. A bunch of people on my Twitter feed have started reading (and caught up on) Check, Please! and thus, obviously the next step is to read all the fic which I most definitely have done my fair share of. I've been dying to make a rec post anyway, so here are the top choices I pulled from my bookmarks, with a couple extra since I noticed some glaring omissions.

1) Title: maybe i'm waking up
Author: idrilka
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann, Past Kent Parson/Jack Zimmermann
Rating: Mature
Word Count/WIP?: 157,904 words

Summary: It’s almost funny. All he ever wanted was to play hockey, to play in the NHL, to win the Cup. This—Samwell, the team, the Haus—was supposed to be just a detour, but now it feels more like a destination he failed to realize he’s already reached.

(Or: Jack signs with the Falconers, graduates, and leaves. It's the hardest thing he's ever done. What comes after is even harder.)

Why This Must Be Read: I had to put this outside of the cut, because not only is this my top favorite fic in Check, Please!, it is also one of my favorite fics of all time, in any fandom ever. I don't know if I can properly express how amazing this is, how encompassing it is, what range it covers in both the world of C!P, and how it manages to paint this picture of Jack and how he handles his world after graduation, and as a professional NHL player. You get all these amazing characters, the use of media and fandom to further this world, and just. EVERYTHING. If it doesn't make you cry at least once in this 100k, you have no soul. (Okay, you probably do, but I can tell you that I will never not cry at Bad Bob's article. Like, I have read this fic at least 3 times now, and I will ALWAYS TEAR UP. Always.) AND I HAVEN'T EVEN MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JACK IN THIS. SOB.

Cut for multiple recs!!!Collapse )

[#007] Limitless

i. Okay, I have been meaning to post about Limitless for at least a week now. But I've been lazy/putting it off because of time and lack of computer/all sorts of other reasons lol. But I finally caught up last week in time for the finale which, I believe, airs next week! And I am ridiculously excited. The show has been going SO DAMN WELL. When you think they're going to drag something out, they don't. (Although, yes, the whole double-cross!Brian thing did go all season, but that makes sense! It's a season's arch!) But now (finally) Rebecca knows the truth. We see Rebecca on NZT which is absolutely AMAZING. Like Brian said, it's "unfair" because we all know if Rebecca was always on NZT the show would last 10 minutes and the rest would be them probably doing paperwork because that's how many cases they'd get done. Anyway, I'm excited to see where the rest of the show goes! Also, where it will go next season. BECAUSE I AM KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED THAT THIS WILL BE RENEWED. T.T

ii. I have also been freaking out this week because Check, Please's Year 3 started!!!! We are getting four comics this week and I'm so excited because Jack/Bitty, omg. If you haven't seen me flailing enough about this webcomic on Twitter, just talk to me in person and it'll be ALL YOU SEE, lol. I am ridiculously in love with this comic. CHECK IT OUT HERE directly from the source, or if you want everything (INCLUDING THE AMAZING TWEETS), go here. It is beautiful and lovely and exactly what you need. Trust me.

iii. LASTLY, I've been wanting to post more, but I never find myself interested in what I have to say. (lol, aka I have nothing to say) so I went searching for one of those 30 day memes. I will definitely not be doing this daily, but maybe it'll make me more regular and I can get reacquainted with the whole concept of posting on LJ again, lol. Fingers crossed!

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 01 – Your favorite all-time fandom(s)
Well, it has to be the fandom I was in for the longest. JE! If it hadn't been for Johnny's Jimusho, I wouldn't have the friends I do, the friends that I still have, the friends that I'll forever cherish. I also feel like I learned a lot being part of the JE fandom. I fucking had a podcast, I ran two different fic exchanges, I... I don't know. There's just a sense of pride that I'll always associate with being part of JE, and for that reason, I think I'll always love it. (Let's not forget how it introduced me to so many beautiful boys. *____________*)

Day 02 – Your current fandom | Day 03 – First fandom, the one that made you the fangirl you are today | Day 04 –First, current, or favorite fandom crush | Day 05 – Your fandom secret | Day 06 –Favorite song that brings fangirl tears to your eyes | Day 07 – Your OTP(s) | Day 08 – A fandom that you thought you wouldn’t get sucked into, but ended up getting sucked into anyway | Day 09 – One of your favorite characters | Day 10 – Your favorite scene or moment from one of your favorite fandoms | Day 11 – The fan art, fan fiction, cover song, cosplay, etc. that you’ve made that you’re most proud of | Day 12 – Your favorite fanartist or fanfiction writer | Day 13 – The best cosplayers of your fandom that you’ve seen; the ones you consider to be real-life versions of your favorite characters, OTP, etc. | Day 14 – A group of characters from one of your fandoms you’d love to hang out with for a day | Day 15 –Your favorite collectible/merchandise from your fandom that you most cherish, or one that you wished you owned | Day 16 – A quote from one of your fandoms that you love | Day 17 – Your favorite piece of art, be it original or a fan art, from your favorite fandom | Day 18 – An instance where you turned a friend into a fangirl | Day 19 – A theory (be it legitimate or completely crack) that you have always had about one of your fandoms | Day 20 – A character from a fandom whose clothes, hair, or features you’ve always admired | Day 21 – A moment, character, quote –ANYTHING- from one of your fandoms that had a great impact on your life | Day 22 – How you first got into being a fangirl | Day 23 – The silliest nerd/fangirl argument you’ve ever gotten into with someone | Day 24 – A town, city or village in a fandom of yours that you’ve always wanted to live in | Day 25 – Do you celebrate character birthdays? If so, tell us about the best character b-day party that you’ve ever thrown! | Day 26 – A fandom of yours that you feel is vastly underappreciated | Day 27 – Your favorite meme concerning one of your fandoms | Day 28 – Do you have a fandom tattoo? If you don’t and want to get one (or hypothetically wanted to get one), what would it be of? | Day 29 – If you plan on having children, would you name one of them after your favorite characters? If so, explain. | Day 30 –The reason why you’re proud to be the nerdy fangirl that you are!

[#005] Whoops~

I meant to post at least one more time last month, but see how well that happened. That kind of means I broke one of my resolutions already, but whatever (although, let's be fair, I've been breaking the job searching one pretty badly anyway so MY RECORD IS TARNISHED). That said, still trying to post more, hahaha 5 posts in 3 months though. This is pathetic. Remember those days I used to post so regularly that it almost hurt? I mean, I think one month I did a POST EVERY DAY without fail. I think by the end, it devolved into either a few lines here and there, and I think I was watching a drama at the time so some posts were just live blogs, but still. DEDICATION.

Maybe that's something I need to regain.

i. BUT I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH TWO PERSONAL PROJECTS LATELY, so let me talk about them and bore you all to death. Whoever actually reads this, lol.
The prospect of Youtubing and OMG, CHECK PLEASECollapse )

ii. Okay, because I want a certain video as #3, this will be a very brief thing on job-searching. You know, that it sucks. I got back into sending my shit out yesterday, and ugh, I hate it so much. Having to convince someone that first, I am a great candidate to second, yes please meet me and then third, hire me hire me hire me is just the worst. And I don't know how to go about it. Sigh. Who knows. We'll see if I get any hits. But really, this whole thing is just exhausting and I need something to hit soon, because I'm so "sick of this same old job."

iii. SO DANCING WITH THE STARS. I don't know if anyone is following it, but I'm fucking obsessed already and the first episode only aired yesterday. Why am I obsessed in particular? (Even though I usually am for one reason or another with this show.) BECAUSE OF NYLE DIMARCO. Nyle is a deaf model who won America's Next Top Model last year, and fucking killed it. Okay, a part of me still thinks that either Lacey or Mame should've won, but fuck that shit. Nyle did amazing, and I was rooting for him from the get-go. Even when he sucked. Hard. (Okay, maybe not then, but he did improve by mid-season.) Anyway, I hadn't watched ANTM in years, but got into it once my sisters told me about him, and I was in loveeeeeeee. So, yes, he won ANTM and now he's on DWTS with Peta, who is an amazing dancer and so I had both high and kind of tentative hopes for him.

AND THEN LAST NIGHT HAPPENED. I cannot even describe the beauty so I'm just embedding the video.


He did so good. I looped that video about 10 times last night, because holy fuck, he did amazing. I was legitimately worried he wouldn't be on time, because yeah, he can't hear anything and he can't really feel the vibrations. So it's all Peta and constant repetition. And they killed it. I am hoping so hard he continues this streak, because man, he deserves all this attention and I hope it really builds awareness, because fuck the people who have tweeted with:
Cut for photos I snagged from his twitterCollapse )

There have definitely been so much more, but I did a very quick run-through of his photos and left it at that. Like, legit people have associated deafness with apparently incapable of reading, seeing, being hot, able to dance, any fucking basic thing. Probably even breathing. SO I HOPE HE FUCKING WINS. And NOT THE FOOTBALLERS. >.> (Okay, I might have to hold reservation for however the rest of the season goes, but still, FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED, OKAY?)

P.S. I finally saw Yamapi's Dreamer PV from his last album, and I'd forgotten how much I love to hear him sing and how good he can be. And how beautiful he is. He's apparently going on tour again and all I can think is, COME TO NYC COME TO NYC COME PLEASE COME.
P.P.S. Speaking of Japanese acts coming to NYC, I GOT TICKETS TO PERFUME!!!!!!!!!!! SO exciting! I haven't listened to anything they've done in forever, but I will definitely do so... You know, a week before the concert. lol

[#004] Writing and Posting

Yesterday, in a fit of a desire to be creative, I tried to make an audio post. Except, hilariously, as soon as I started recording, I kind of... froze up, and couldn't think of what I wanted to talk about. Despite the fact that maybe an hour or two before, I had ideas of all the topics I wanted to discuss on a potential audio post. Then, I promptly forgot. I blame the two glasses of red wine I'd been enjoying while watching Movie Fights Live. (I feel like an alcoholic just writing that down.)

So it's been odd.

Cut for melancholy?Collapse )

Another of my resolutions this year (god, why did I do this to myself? Oh right, motivation) was to write more. And I realized that even though I didn't write anything fiction related, which is what I'd been aiming for. I did post on Livejournal for the first time in about a year and a half.. Or has it been two years and a half? I could probably check this, but whatever, too lazy, and it's not that important. And that should definitely count for writing more. I mean, the last two posts weren't much of anything, but my post back was pretty lengthy and THAT SHOULD DEFINITELY COUNT. Because it definitely sparks something in me to keep writing, and keep talking about things I enjoy. I think sooner than later I'll get back in the swing about writing my opinions on things I've seen the past week. BECAUSE GOD KNOWS I WATCH A LOT OF TELEVISION.

Like, how did I spend all day trying to catch up on all my shows and I'm still not fully caught up. Like, I am missing, I believe, two episodes for Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Chicago PD. And that's not even counting the episodes that aired last night for Elementary and Legends of Tomorrow. I just really want to talk about all the television and to see previews for next week and to speculate what's going to happen. Or even just to talk about shows that aren't getting enough love.

LIKE THE GRINDER. Is anyone watching this at the moment? Because I think it should be getting much more recognition than it's getting. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are amazing together, and while sometimes some of the jokes are tiring, like Fred Savage's Stuart getting shit on left and right which pisses me off to NO FUCKING END, it's still really funny. The last episode had Rob Lowe, or rather Dean, vs. Timothy Olyphant in a "who is more of a lawyer" mock trial that was possibly one of the more ridiculous things they've done, I think. The judge even joined in because he knew this was going to be super entertaining, and he played it so fucking straight. I LOVED IT. I just think while Dean is super delusional of what he's technically allowed and now allowed to do, he's also very sincere and that's why everyone is so forgiving of the fact that he wants to do this. He just really wants to help people, and sure, sometimes he also really loves the spectacle of it. (That said, I love Stuart the most and I feel for him every time someone, aka his dad, shits on him and favors Dean. Fuck that noise. STUART ALL THE WAY.)

Another show that should be getting love is Limitless. Sure, it's another crime drama, but it has so much heart and humor and Jake McDorman as Brian is probably the best casting. He brings this vulnerability and cheerfulness to what could've been a very dour show. I like to compare it to Blindspot, which might be a little unfair because they are telling two completely different stories. But where Blindspot has very little sunshine, Limitless makes an effort to make sure that even with the dark stories, they inject enough light in it that it makes a heavy story workable. I mean, there was an episode like maybe two or three ago all about serial killers and the way they played it, where Brian was trying to make sure he didn't lose himself, was to have him substitute all the bad words like "murder" and "blood" with "fluffy" and "unicorn." (Okay, it wasn't for those words exactly, but you get my gist.) So yeah, I definitely think Limitless needs more appreciation. I don't know what ratings are at the moment for either of those shows, and I should really check TVLine and see what they're guessing for renewability, BUT I'M HOLDING OUT HOPE THAT IT'LL ALL WORK OUT.

Okay, I need to stop procrastinating and possibly do some actual work, lol. BYE ALL. (If you wanna talk about the shows I discussed above, PLEASE COMMENT. I NEED MORE PEOPLE TO TALK TO ABOUT THESE SHOWS.)

[#003] Snow Weekend!

So us folks in the East Coast got snow. I don't know if you've heard on any social media network you follow (aka, omg, everyone everywhere was posting photos of the snow--I am obviously not immune (check my twitter)). But prior to that, I'd actually gotten sick around Thursday and was thus homebound for about five days straight. lol Guess who was completely stir-crazy by the end.

I had this urge to just do something. Times like that I wish I had some big project I was working on because then I could, you know, do that. Although, I guess technically I do, because I've been regularly cross-stitching for the past few months now. I've been trying to finish off these four projects that have been sitting at my desk. So far, I've finished one, am finalizing two (it's the back-stitching part that gets me super lazy), and am working on one at the moment! And the best way to cross-stitch? Watch all the videos.

In my case, this weekend was all about Hallmark movies. These things are the mushiest, unrealistic, completely full of FEEL GOODS (as I mentioned to C), and they're so sweet they make you want to roll around in your bed and flail a little. And I watched a total of nine movies. Which, if you know me at all, especially lately, I do not really watch movies anymore. I just enjoy television to the nth degree. Anyway, in case you want some recommendations (ahaha, what), I really enjoyed "Love On The Air" (tropes: radio DJs, enemies to lovers, nosy older sister, GETTING DUMPED BY YOUR EX-FIANCE ON THE AIR); "Love By The Book" (tropes: bookstore owner, consultant trying to save the business (with a little deception at the start), fairytale romances), also stars Kristopher Turner who I know from Instant Star; and "Surprised By Love" (tropes: high school friends lost touch, parents approvals, younger sister hidden behind her sister's shadow), also stars Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill! (P.S. Written by the same people as Love On The Air). SO YES. In case you're in the mood for mushy romance, these were the better choices? Hahaha

Otherwise, I just hated being sick, even though it was mild by Friday (even though I took the day off--but that was a combination of a lot of things, XD). And............ Just posting for the sake of posting. XD

[#002] omg keyboard

So for the longest time, my laptop has had issues with its keyboard. I don't know why, but I remember not using the laptop for a long while, and then coming back and poof, THREE KEYS JUST RANDOMLY STOPPED WORKING. And go figure they were the T, Y, and O keys. Which are pretty fucking important. I mean just look at what I've typed, and there's an obnoxious number of just those letters. (I apparently always have this luck because if I'm remembering right, my last laptop also had keys suddenly stop working. (Well, one of them broke because of my brother--the P button which was an easy fix.) But then I think eventually the E key stopped too. lol)

Anyway, because of this broken keyboard, I basically stopped writing. Which, I think, was also one of the reasons I stopped using LJ or anything because I'd be resorted to basically posting largely when I was at work. Which was hard to do when I was trying to, you know, work. (HAHAHAHAHA what am i saying.) But also because it takes time and thought, and if I was trying to write, I'd want to devote time that was not being taken from trying to sneak shit around my boss. (cough, not that I ever did that. ofc.)

BUT THEN. I was at B's this weekend, and I realized that keyboards are hooked in via USB. And i thought. Wait. If a mouse can also work, even with a trackpad. COULD A KEYBOARD WORK TOO? So when I came home today, I promptly stole borrowed my parents' keyboard (it's their spare one so they don't really need it) to test out my theory and....

WELL I'M WRITING THIS POST, AREN'T I? hahaha. I already have obnoxiously tweeted a ridiculous amount now that I can. I feel like having this keyboard is so dangerous. BUT IT'S SUCH BEAUTY. BEING ABLE TO JUST FLOW. GOD. I MISS THIS SO MUCH.

So right, my point. Well, I actually made resolutions this year. So far, I've been pretty good about keeping them (remind me about them in like two months--see how well they're going snort), but one of them was to write more again. I thought I'd ease my way into it, so I told myself, write at least 2k each month. 2k used to be nothing back in my fandom days, so I'm hoping I can recapture that same magic now.


[#156] Last Weekend

i. I meant to type this post up yesterday, you know, during work. But it got busier than I expected/I wasn't in the mood to write during the periods of time when it wasn't busy. So obviously, that means this never got written, lol. Even this should've been written earlier but I got caught up in finally being able to (re)play Trauma Team which I've wanted to do all day, but couldn't because I kept getting roped into baby-sitting. which i really should've done without question since SA has to do it every work day (when nobody's off) anyway so it's only fair. And I'm also procrastinating because I'm also updating my scrapbook since I haven't done that in like two weeks or so, lol. And you'd be surprised how much media I have to put into that thing. and by surprised, i mean not at all because hello, i am me. And I am also going through tumblr, so I don't really know when this post will be finished being written. the answer is never. i am abusing strikethrough. can you tell?

Okay, so I procrastinated enough that it is now the next day, lol, aka Wednesday night sooooooooooo.... Yeah. Let's do this.

ii. Anyway, this weekend I went into the city to meet J's new boyfriend!!!! omg, it's been two years since she broke up with her one of 7 years and it's really really nice to see her happy.
details under here!Collapse )
(Wow, this whole thing is tl;dr. lol And I even did it in bulletpoints!)

iii. J ended up lending me John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" when I left her and I read it all in one go on Monday after I got out of work. I read it on the train home, while I waited for my mom, and then after dinner once we got home. All in all, took me a handful of hours, and I enjoyed every single one of them. Cut for spoilers.Collapse )

p.s. oh man, I've been playing Trauma Team for the past few days and ;alsdkjfaslkdjfalksdjf I cannot stop playing. All I want to do is finish it all. But I have real life, and my sister is playing too, and when I play during the day, I ended up having to take care of my niece too so that's annoying. XD (not that i dislike taking care of baby!naomi or anything, lol. I JUST WANT TO PLAY SO BADLY.)
p.p.s. this is technically a re-play since I've finished Trauma Team before. still entertaining. Still hate the endoscopy operations. LEAST FAVORITE PART EVER.

[#155] Whoooooops!

I keep meaning to write, but then I think and well, I have nothing to say. How did I post more than once a month again? Life is so dull. All I do is work, go home, take care of baby!Naomi, do chores, sometimes hang out with friends, and rinse and repeat. There's really nothing interesting. XD

i. Oh, I know how I used to plug posts up. Talking about media! That shit never changes.
- Arrow: I watched an episode in real time! (so to speak. Technically the day after, but I mean more of a oh shit, i'm now watching this series as it airs.) I CANNOT GET OVER MY FEELINGS FOR OLIVER AND FELICITY. Have I mentioned that not only am I watching this series, but so are my older sister AR and my brother JM? Because we all are. And while my brother does not see the beauty of Felicity/Oliver together, AR does and we totally spazzed about their scenes the day after and how OLIVER/FELICITY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. So that's fun. There's also wondering about Roy and what his new powers are going to take him. well, i do know what his role is in the comic *coughSPOILERScough* but I do wonder how they're going to adapt that. So yes, I am still in love with this show, even though they kind of wasted Sean Maher. I am hoping maybe he'll come back or something because what a waste of a great guest star.

- North & South: NOPE. I saw this a few days ago and fell hard for Richard Armitage. I unfortunately started watching it at like 8PM and couldn't stop until I finished all four episodes, which sucked because I had work the next morning. But I am constantly made of fail when it comes to my sleeping pattern so... yeah. XD Anyway, I adored it. It was so good and the characters were interesting and WHENEVER SOMEONE DIED, I WAS DEVASTATED. spoiler, people died I love Margaret Hale and Thornton. THORNTON GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS. It's just unfair really. Not to mention he was very pretty and that ending shot. NOPE. *____________* So yes, completely worth the watch. I am definitely not pimping it as well as I could be, but that's primarily because the most concise thing I can say is GIVES YOU FEELS. XD

- I haven't started any jdramas yet this season, INCLUDING Shitsuren Chocolatier which I've been meaning to watch for days. XD Hopefully I'll get on that soon. even though I really only have like 5 dramas I want to possibly pick up. (Now how many of those five will actually be subbed? >.>)

ii. I am currently trolling the One OK Rock tag on tumblr, because I need to become acquainted with them in the next month (concert in February!). Does anyone know where I can get their music readily? Because, you know, research purposes. lol

iii. Speaking of research, OMG. Working on je_whiteday is so tough all of a sudden. Usually by now, I would have plotted, yes, but there would always be that one plot that I'm kind of tempted to do but am unsure if I can pull off. (which i then start writing two weeks before the due date because i am terrible.) But I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE THING PAST THE PAIRING. So all I've been doing is watching as many (subbed) videos of the female in question, which isn't much. But at least what I have seen is interesting! It's sparked my interest for her yet again. ♥ Here's to hoping I'll have something soon!


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