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[sticky post] Introduction!

Because I like to avoid all work, I decided to make a post for an introduction to all those new to my livejournal. I don't have much in my lj, but just in case someone doesn't want to go through ALL my past entries to find something interesting or want to just go through all the tags. Instead, I nipped that thought in the bud, and have a compilation of all my posts categorized.

But first of all...

And enjoy the ride.

cynicalism would like you to know that she helped come up with the phrase. (last friends only had "semi-friends (with benefits) only")
bitofpixiedust would like you to know that the benefits are great x9.
partypaprika would like you to know that tinyangl is easier than Jin with goth chicks in LA. (Also, that tinyangl flashes people more than Arashi's Tokyo Dome outfits.)
imwahyou would like you to know that tinyangl is very M. (tinyangl would like you all to know that this is sadly true.)

My "Important" Mildly Interesting Marginally Interesting Interesting only to Me Posts.
Now under lj-cuts because the list got LONG.

(Updated 02.06.2012.)
Don't know where these go. (Obnoxious lists? Maybe?)
- List of Shige's J-web
- Scrapbook 2010: Part1, Part2, Part3
- Top 10 Dramas list from 2009 (Most still hold true.)
- Dramas from Winter 2006-Summer 2011 (with notations of watched/etc.)
- TV Celebs (and then some) on Twitter, OTPs Youtube Channels
- Mini-Scrapbook 2011

Picspams and Recaps.Collapse )

My Writings: Fanfiction, Original, Reviews, Dreams, ARKCollapse )

Uploads!Collapse )

Birthday Posts!Collapse )

Thanks for reading this and do enjoy yourself here.
Don't forget! If you're new, please comment here with your introduction. Nothing too fancy, of course. ^_^ Just a name, how you found me, and whether or not you'd like to be friended back! I won't lock fandom stuff, so if that's what you're here for, then let me know. :D

Chat with Kamika @ JEP Cast

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[#019] COMICON!!!!!!


Can you tell I'm super excited? Like, I cannot express enough how ridiculously happy I am that I finally managed to get 3-day tickets. I have tried for years and years, and this is finally the year I win!!!!! :) almost overbought, but luckily J hadn't gotten her ticket yet so I got hers as well.

This year, I'm also planning on going truly dressed up. One year I was the Black Canary (Arrow tv-show version) without the blonde wig, but I wasn't fully immersed. THIS YEAR, I want to actually attempt a costume. And I decided (actually I chose this a few months ago, I blame B) to dress up as Yennefer from Witcher 3. For the most part, it shouldn't be that difficult for most of the items--just minor add-ons here and there. But it's the jacket (doublet?) that will probably prove to be a bitch and a half. So because it'll probably take me a while, I AM GOING TO START IMMEDIATELY. Like maybe even next week. *________* (have i mentioned enough how excited i am about this whole thing. also i just love yennefer and i am tempted to get a small stuffed unicorn to bring around with me hahahahahahaha)

Now i just need to figure out how to sew. (hahah. J said she'd help me with that part though. I guess it's mostly tracking down all the items, SIGH.) also if any of you've done this before and can give me some tips? that'd be fucking awesome.

ii. So I unfortunately broke my streak of posting at least once a week for the past month (and a half?). Last week, after the interview, I was largely at B's and didn't really have a computer. And when I was on his computer, I just procrastinated and played games (We finished The Room, and I am fucking amazing at Hexcells. But speaking of the interview, I don't think it went badly, but it has been over a week now. And so I doubt I'm in the running, lol. Which is perfectly okay. I mean, you can't win them all, you know? J helped me out a lot and was practicing with me Tuesday night. :) I just have to keep on chugging.

iii. Uhhhhh, I don't have much else! Things that've made me happy this past week:
1) Trashy, trashy Coupled. Like, I hate all dating shows (usually), but this one kills me for some reason, and I'm just super excited to see where all these relationships go, and who is going to end up with whom in the end. There's one girl who just grates at me, and let's just say I am an evil person. :X
3) Check, Please updated this past week, and N just always manages to choose the week I'm at my busiest to update. BUT IT'S COOL. I FOLLOWED ALONG (even if it was hours later) and SPAZZED ALONG WITH EVERY ONE ELSE. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK.
4) I got myself a puzzle coloring book!!!!! It's a lot of fun and I don't have to choose random colors to color in these pictures--i'm giving numbers associated with colors and I have to follow them, and it is exactly what I need from a coloring book. lol Today, I had to buy a 50 pack of coloring pencils to go with it, but WHATEV. I am excited to break them in.
5) I went to a quiet dance party last Friday, and it's not quite as quiet as they say. People are singing at the top of their lungs, they're dancing like mad, and it was an insane amount of fun. Like, I thought I'd be self-conscious, but no! You just went all out, because even though people can see what channel you're on (the wireless headphones have 3 separate channels you can cycle through), it becomes more of a OMG, YOU'RE DANCING THAT WILD? MUST BE A GOOD SONG. So yeah, there were five of us and we were sweating like beasts at the end of the night. I was fucking sore as shit when I woke up (the first time) Saturday morning, but it was so worth it. I would totally go again!!!!!

[#018] Help?

i. OKAY. So I wasn't going to bring this up until it happened, but Cyn came up with a good point that I could ask you lovely people for advice and tips! But uh, I might've gotten an interview for next Wednesday. Now, I have only ever had interviews in-house. (And that was only one occurrence and I obvs didn't get the job lol) So my knowledge and experience with this is minimal at best. I've been mainlining the website askamanager.org and I think she has some good advice for researching the company, what questions will likely be asked, and what questions I should be asking.

BUT IS THERE ANYTHING THERE THAT I SHOULD KEEP IN MIND? Like, explain it me like I have no common sense, cough. (CYn laughing suggested I should also post up my potential outfits and have you guys decide what I should wear too. lololol)

ii. IN OTHER HAPPY NEWS, my niece is 4!!!!!! oh god how is this going by so fast. T.T

I can't believe she's grown so big now. Sobbing.

iii. Eh, might as well.

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 09 – One of your favorite characters

IN LIKE ALL OF MY FANDOMS EVER? Sailor Mercury will probably always be in my top favorite characters of all time. I always related to her as a kid, and always thought despite the fact that her attacks at the beginning were really weak (like seriously? mist?), thought the team would've definitely fallen apart without her there. She was the sturdy one, reliable and smart, the planner. I LOVED HER OKAY. Plus we both wore glasses so fuck yes. ♥♥♥

Days: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008

[#017] What a Difference a Day Makes

So. After yesterday's downer of a post, today is happy!!!!!!

i. First and foremost, everyone on my Twitter has been so fucking awesome today. I'm pretty sure we are spamming people's timelines. There's convos with Beth, Jemz, and Karen, and Cyn and Rhey. It's just so much fun, and reminds me why I love the online community so so so much. I have convinced a few of them to come back to LJ for a little bit. Some of them MAY BE DOING THE MEME TOO, so that's going to be damn awesome. I just like people. I spent a good portion of today just catching up on my comments (because Cyn decided to just come in and blow up my other two posts lol, NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING OF COURSE). And even though I intended to do some semblance of chores (I really need to wash my sheets), that is definitely going to be put off until tomorrow.

All that's really important is is that I love you all, and I'm so glad you're my friends. ♥♥♥

(and i'm really really proud of myself to actually be able to convince other ppl to do the fangirl meme because it's so much fun and i'm so ready to read everyone's responses.)

ii. Second thing that made me happy today was that NGOZI OPENED UP HER STORE AGAIN. In which she was selling Huddles 1 and 2, PLUS SAMWELL UNIVERSITY SHIRTS. SO guess what I spent 50 bucks on before I even really woke up this morning. *__________* No fucking regrets. AND I may have just checked my email, and it's already marked as going off to ship. GUYS, I ALMOST HAVE UGLY TEARS RIGHT NOW. UGLY UGLY TEARS.

iii. Third, B cheered me up in the simplest of ways. All he had to do was text me some ridiculousness, as he does, and it made me laugh. This boy, indeed.

iv. I finally watched ScreenJunkies' TV Fights title championship today, and it was so bloody good. Like, movie fights is well and fun, but I think TV Fights is my favorite. Probably in large part because as a medium, I prefer television, but whatever. Anyway, I tweeted a couple of things, and Roxy (the host/judge) favorited them and I might've silently squeed to myself after that happened. So yay!!!!! I'm just sad I didn't get to livetweet it like everyone else I follow. lol It ended up even TRENDING that night, which is fucking amazing!!!!!

v. Okay, I meant to put a point on reccing a podcast, but as this is already the fifth point, I'll put that off until another post lol

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 08 – A fandom that you thought you wouldn’t get sucked into, but ended up getting sucked into anyway
Okay. The easy answer would probably be Teen Wolf, because what the fuck, why am I so obsessed with these characters, TO THIS DAY STILL READ THEIR FIC, even though I've only seen half of the first season and only know characterizations through all the Youtube compilations and Tumblr gifsets. Oh and like two years worth of reading fic.

BUT THAT'S THE EASY ANSWER. So here are two different answers since I've been obnoxiously using Teen Wolf for everything. This first one will be simple. It's all because of fucking Cyn. Dan/Blair in Gossip Girl. Okay, this only partially counts for me, because I don't give a shit about the other characters. I only care about fucking Dan and Blair and their story, and how that last season fucking ruined them. And the only reason I got into them, because I KNOW FOR A FACT I WOULD NEVER HAVE SOUGHT THEM OUT MYSELF BECAUSE I HATED THIS SHOW, was because of Cyn and how she got me to watch all these damn Dan/Blair scenes, and how the season this was happening was season 5 which was DAIR ALL THE WAY. You know, until that ending. SO YES. I definitely shouldn't have gotten sucked in, but their chemistry and their banter and their potential was enough to get their hooks into me.

Second is Arrow. Which is a surprise, I know, because I was reccing this show left and right. But I didn't get into it until halfway through its second season, I think? But I wasn't keen on starting a CW show, and so resisted, and especially because whatever, who's the Green Arrow? He's not important? How boring. But I remember it being winter break, and I must've been bored, and I think I saw more than enough people on Tumblr who were spazzing about Olicity, and their characters, that I folded. And I DON'T REGRET IT. Because holy fuck, season 2 of Arrow has to be one of my top favorite seasons of any television show. Yes, it has gone significantly downhill since then, but I'm hoping with this next season they can fix it up. The last year of flashbacks. I NEED THEM TO RECOVER, because Olicity is still a ship that I love. And even though I haven't seen the last few eps of this season, I remain at least a little hopeful. Maybe.

Days: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 005 | 006 | 007 |

[#015] While B Plays Destiny....

...And I take a short break from doing random transcription work, putting up a post!! :D

Okay, so I'm doing three days, because when I copied over the first two, I automatically was like, um, I'm definitely not going to have a good enough response to justify A WHOLE POST. lol

30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 05 – Your fandom secret
Okay, I really couldn't think of one? In the few fandoms I've been an active participant in, I haven't really done anything that, I think, was worth keeping secret. The only thing I could think of was that in the early days of the JE anon hate meme, I was in there commenting (anonymously ofc). It was back when hate memes hated on the boys and not so much the users. I still remember cackling when Yamapi's dead fish eyes first came up because I remember commenting along in that convo. Still one of my favoritest fandom jokes.

Day 06 – Favorite song that brings fangirl tears to your eyes
Um. I'm trying to think. I don't know if I have any? Like, they'd have to be connected to something in particular. Like a jdrama or an anime. Like the song in 1 Litre of Tears that they sing on the bridge, I think? Definitely would make me tear up. But a song just in general? I don't know if I really have one.

Day 07 – Your OTP(s)
OKAY. SO. In general, I never have ONE ship that I will stick to. Currently though, since I'm only actively reading for two fandoms, that's what I'll talk about. In Teen Wolf, it's hands down Sterek aka Stiles/Derek. I can read other fic in that fandom with other pairings, but about 90%-95% would have to be Sterek. Then there's Check, Please where it just HAS to be Jack/Bitty. But again, I can read other pairings in that fandom, but my OTP is without a doubt Zimbits! :D

Days: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

I hope I will be seeing Rhey and Cyn in my comments again. >.>

[#014] Tiredddddddddddd

i. Sammy and Ri left today!!!!! Had a shit ton of fun that involved trying to make margaritas (hahahah). I cut myself a bunch of times, spilled all sorts of food over me, dropped things left and right, even somehow broke a unopened bottle of hot sauce we bought THAT DAY. I don't know what was up with me yesterday, but I was really, as Sammy said, just a hot mess. lol What can I do? We also broke out my board games, and they got really into Ticket to Ride which was a fucking lot of fun. *___________* They taught me how to play 500-pt Rummy (I think that's what it was called) which was ALSO a lot of fun! And then today before they left, we got into like hours long discussion on media, racism, representation, jdramas, and fanfiction. Probably other things too, but I can't recall exactly. It was just really interesting and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about these things. *_________*

ii. All that said. Despite the fact that I definitely got a LOT OF SLEEP. I am still super sleepy. lol I watched a couple of things (finished off the jar of salsa we were using as chips dip) and now I just wanna nap. It's only 5:30 though so IDK if I should risk it because then I'll probably sleep late. Again. As always. (okay yeah no different than usual.)

iii. SO YESTERDAY. Or was it the day before? I can't remember. But I was rereading some of my old posts on LJ and I refound the Vote off the Pretties meme I had done like 5 years ago. I AM TEMPTED TO BRING IT BACK. But idk if anyone would actually vote. I think you can only vote on LJ with LJ accounts. And Twitter has a limit of 4 results in one poll, so idk. It seems like a lot of work. (That said, I already started looking up photos just in case I do get the urge to go through with it. WHO KNOWS THOUGH. I am me. AKA lazy as fuck.)


v. Okay, so I put that last point in just so I could have 5 points instead of an odd 4 point-er. I promised Cyn that I'd do the 30 days of fangirlism meme in my next post and so. Here we go!
30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 04 –First, current, or favorite fandom crush
I'm assuming this means characters in fandoms? And that I can choose any of the three options? So I'm going with first. That would definitely be Taichi from Digimon. I loved him so much--his headstrongness, his determination, his (ahah) courage. I thought he was such a strong character, and I really wanted him to be happy. Although, back then, I definitely DID NOT SHIP TAICHI/SORA so I was like, yes. Go be with Yamato (who I slightly disliked because of his antagonism with Taichi lol). And instead, I was a random fan of Taichi/Mimi because, idk, I liked the stereotypes they represented and thought they'd work well together. Also, the character was cute. So yes. Definitely one of my first fandom crushes. :DDDDD

Days: 01 | 02 | 03
(I have had G-Eazy's Me Myself and I looping in my head for some reason. Which is why it's my title lolol)

i. ATLANTIC CITYYYYYYYY. We had quite the time~~~~ It really felt like we somehow condensed four days of activities into just two. o.o But fuck, I had such a blast and I cannot say enough how much I love my friends and how I really bless every day I've known them. (And fuck, it has been years: J for 18 years; C for 16 years.) Anyway, see us classy bitches here. Don't we look fucking fabulous? I kinda wish we'd taken this photo WITHOUT the jackets, but whatever, haha.
So. Some highlights!!!
details under hereCollapse )

ii. SO ANIME. haha, really random, I know, but B and I have started watching two animes randomly (1 because we like watching shit together and 2 because anime is something we can agree on haha)
1) My Hero Academia - SO FUCKING GOOD. I'm really into this series. The main character makes me just want to root for him all the way. His rival in this though, I want to stab with a sharp stick. Like. UGHHHHHHHHHH he can be so fucking frustrating. I am enjoying getting to learn about this universe, how the quirks work, WHAT THE DIFFERENT QUIRKS ARE--some of them are so fucking creative though, guys, the characters being introduced. There's only 8 eps out so far, but I promise you that even if you intend to watch like 3 eps (like B and I had tried to do last Wednesday), YOU WILL JUST WANT TO KEEP ON FUCKING GOING.

2) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Season 3 in particular because it's the only thing on Hulu lol - So I went into this knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. B has loved the manga for like ever though which ps gives me ideas for future instances, cough, so even though the portion of the manga that they're showing in this season he hasn't read for YEARS, he still remembers some parts. He was able to explain some of the basic things, although one of his answers (regarding Stands) was legit just, THERE ARE NO RULES. THE AUTHOR WAS MAKING IT UP AS HE WENT ALONG. Which made me laugh so hard. Anyway, THIS IS FASCINATING. Sure some of the characters are hilariously ridiculous, the story is super intriguing. The first few episodes were INSTANTLY SUPER DARK though, so just a word of warning there. But just like the Quirks in My Hero Academia, the Stands are really unique and interesting and I'M JUST DYING TO KNOW WHAT KOICHI'S WAS. We had the same issue here where we intended to watch only 3 eps, and ended up watching about 5. IT WOULD'VE BEEN MORE but I was getting really sleepy, lol. I'm really excited to see more though. B is insisting we watch the first two seasons though so guess what I'm gonna do this weekend lol.

iii. SPEAKING OF THIS WEEKEND. I am getting a Ri and Sammy this Sunday and it's gonna be filled with board games and vodka. *____________* I AM EXCITED. i really have to clean, cough.

P.S. LIMITLESS WAS FUCKING CANCELLED. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW DEVASTATED THIS MAKES ME. CBS MISSED OUT ON KEEPING A SHOW THAT WOULDHAVE, I THINK, ONLY GOTTEN BETTER. I will always remember that serial killer ep, or the Bruntouchables, or THE COMIC BOOK EP, OR THE BEST ONE. REBECCA ON NZT. Fuck them for taking this show away from us. ://////////////

[#012] Before I leave for Atlantic City...

...I thought I'd throw down a post! Because, why not.

i. I'm going to Atlantic City tomorrow! My best friends, for my birthday, are taking me there as a belated gift, and I'm so excited!!! I hadn't been planning on doing any trips of any sort until October, but they surprised me. :DDDDDDDDDD It kinda sucks that it'll be raining 2/3 of the days that we're there, but you know, whatever. We'll deal, lol.

(Here's where you can watch them: 1) Leaked NBC Midseason; 2) CW; 3) CBS; 4) ABC; 5) FOX; 6) ABC)
So. Here's some thoughts:
- Because certain trailers looked interesting, I am adding three more shows to the list of things I want to check out next season, despite not initially liking their logline. That would be Speechless (which I was kind of avoiding because I'm not a big Minnie Driver fan), Pitch (even though baseball is like the ONLY sport I can stomach watching), and Designated Survivor (because I typically don't like presidential shows). But yeah, the trailers actually looked good, which made me curious enough to at least check out the first episode.
- Shows that I'm both excited for and whose trailers were actually awesome? No Tomorrow, Frequency, Notorious, The Good Place. (Also, Making History and Powerless are on this list, but since they're midseason shows, we have a long way to wait before we get to check them out. SIGH.) Both CW trailers look really interesting, Frequency, I think, has loads of potential, but I am worried it may be one of those shows that needs to be only a season long and no more. No Tomorrow looks like fun! Notorious, I don't know why I'm super excited for this but this could be because I love Piper Perabo and I want her to succeed so hard. And lastly, The Good Place. I definitely did not know this show was going to be what it was, but HOLY FUCK IT LOOKS SO INTERESTING. It's taking place, basically in something equivalent to Heaven, and I'm just excited to see where it'll go.
- Shows that I'm worried about: Primarily Conviction. I want it to do so well, but I fucking hate Hayley Atwell's American accent in this. I think the concept is interesting, but the voice is actually grating enough for me that I'm not sure I can keep holding on to the show. But who knows! I AM JUDGING THIS SOLELY BY THE TRAILER. Maybe if I see the first episode, it'll only be jarring for five minutes, and then I'll be okay with it. (Or the opposite could happen, who knows.)
- I made a excel sheet where I timetabled my shows for next season (missing like 2 shows, I think and the fact that they're now bumping Pitch to fall), but guys. I now have 30 shows on this list. I really hope I drop some somewhere, because um, I don't know if I can have any sort of social life or even a work life with a schedule like this. (Check it out here! I watch too many shows on Tuesdays. Granted, I don't watch anything live anymore, mostly, but still. Fuck.)

iii. Bringing this back!
30 Days of Fangirlism

Day 03 – First fandom, the one that made you the fangirl you are today

I couldn't quite decide which one I wanted to go with for this. Because honestly? I think two fandoms shaped me: Sailor Moon first because really, that was the first fandom I was in without realizing I was in a fandom. Even though the participants that I knew about WHILE I was a huge fan was limited to my sister and my upstairs neighbor that introduced me to the show in the Japanese fanbase. My neighbor, who btw I LOVED SO MUCH as a kid, showed me the Japanese version, introduced me to a certain show in Chinatown where I convinced my mom to buy me tapes of the show as well as random merchandise, was an amazing fanartist, and just generally loved talking about it with me. My sister, AR, would draw with me, we'd make up fucking stories (FANFICTION, WITHOUT REALIZING IT) for the show, we would claim a Sailor Scout for ourselves (I was always Mercury, of course, and she was always Venus). And yeah, this was when I discovered I had a capacity to love something to this extent.

But it was really Digimon where I discovered fans and making things for people, and communicating with people. I wrote fanfiction, I talked to other authors who wrote fanfiction, I was in an RPG group that was Digimon related (which is still up on the internet and sometimes I go back and read and cringe, because I'm pretty sure my character's boyfriend's rp... person? wanted to write much filthier things between our charas, but I WAS SO INNOCENT BACK THEN so I never jumped at the chance to write anything smutty. WHICH IS SO WEIRD BECAUSE GUYS, OUR CHARAS WERE LIKE 13/14? MAYBE?). Anyway, I loved that fandom. That's when I discovered fanfiction to the full extent, because I loved reading it. (Shoutout to ff.net!) And that's something that still continues till today. So yes, I think these two combined really made me develop who I am in fandom now. :)

Days: 01 | 02
So, if you're as obsessed with television as I am, you're probably really looking forward to the upcoming television season and eagerly anticipating next week's upfronts because then we'll find out what shows are being picked up for the upcoming year. And after the craziness of yesterday's cancellations (and, okay, some renewals), I was curious to see what shows these networks had lined up.

And after a general skim at the list, my thoughts are: ABC definitely does not have enough interesting upcoming shows to justify them cancelling everything they did. CBS is and apparently always will be my most watched network (including my current shows). Shockingly (at least to me), NBC is #2 in that ranking. Fox is my least watched network (both currently and upcoming). And lastly, the CW's lineup is already full (they renewed basically everything they had currently airing), and now they have Supergirl moving from CBS and already greenlit three new shows (all three of which I'm interested in), so WHERE ARE ALL THESE SHOWS GOING TO GO (in regards to airing time)?

Anyway, here are the top 15 shows I hope they 1) greenlight (if it hasn't already been picked up) and 2) get at least half a season to breathe. (I was originally going to do top 10, but after looking at the list, there are too many actors I follow whose projects may seem meh, but who I want to see on my screen.)

These are ordered by network:
Note: You'll notice (or maybe not haha), if you're just counting the titles in the cut screen I have two extra titles--and that's because as I was typing this up, I realized that two of the pilots I'd chosen had actually ended up getting passed over which was disappointing. Still kept them around so we could collectively mourn the fact that they weren't chosen. DDDDD: craigyfergggggggg

i. ABC: Conviction, Notorious
ABC: Conviction, NotoriousCollapse )

ii. CBS: Bull, Drew, The Great Indoors, The Kicker, My Time/Your Time
CBS: Bull, Drew, The Great Indoors, The Kicker, My Time/Your TimeCollapse )

iii. The CW: Frequency, No Tomorrow, Riverdale
The CW: Frequency, No Tomorrow, RiverdaleCollapse )

iv. FOX: Making History, [Untitled Laura Steinel comedy--dropped]
FOX: Making History, [Untitled Laura Steinel comedy--dropped]Collapse )

v. NBC: This Is Us, The Good Place, Great News, Powerless, [Crunch Time/Time Crunch--dropped]
NBC: This Is Us, The Good Place, Great News, Powerless, [Crunch Time/Time Crunch--dropped]Collapse )

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


a. OKAY so some craziness happened yesterday because it was the last bit of renewal/cancellations for networks. Which is why, if you're into that shit, you know that a bunch of shows got renewed and cancelled. AND THUS: first point of this post, holy shit, ABC, did you just cancel half your fucking running shows? Shows ABC cancelled: Galavant, Agent Carter, Nashville, CASTLE. I only cared about two of those shows (Galavant and Agent Carter--even though I still haven't seen the second season of Galavant XD), but I was definitely surprised that they cancelled Castle. Especially after all the news about Stana Katic leaving the show, and the dudes being signed up for a season 9, and then all the backlash. For them to suddenly decide, "actually, you know what? Maybe we don't want more Castle." seems kind of backwards. I mean, it could also be they saw the response to the news, and maybe there was an idea of how many people would stick around without Kate still there, and that's why they ended up cancelling it in the long run. (To be honest, Castle's cancellation was a long time coming. That show is just not good anymore.) As for other shows that were cancelled that broke my heart, THE GRINDER. Like, that show was underrated and needed much more love, but they got rid of it because they are cruel cruel people. SIGH.

In other news, I just realized two of my shows (one I'm probably dropping, hilariously enough), still haven't been announced: Sleepy Hollow (YES, I'M DROPPING THIS AFTER THAT SEASON ENDING (which i'm actually not caught up on technically)) and LIMITLESS. I just checked the ratings, and while they have been dropping, THEY'RE STILL PRETTY HIGH. (Maybe not high enough for a CBS show which apparently NCIS has been averaging at 18.25 while Limitless is averaging about 7.06.) I mean, on most networks, that's a high enough number. COME ON CBS. I AM ROOTING FOR YOU. T.T

Also, this weekend I have dedicated myself to writing up a post about the pilots I'm most anticipating. To no one's surprise, most of them are CBS shows (which is also the network I currently watch the most shows on). Yesterday, I was looking through my list of shows I watch, and I am (not surprised) to find that I am watching about 17 ongoing shows right now. That's not even including things like Craig Ferguson's Join or Die on the History channel, or like any anime I'm picking up (which is only a problem I've had for the past month or so lol). SO, I watch too much tv. Essentially.

2. Still on media I watched, last Tuesday, B and I went to go see Captain America: Civil War, and ended the night with Deadpool.


iii. Okay, this post is long enough. you don't need anymore of me. lol


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