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[#89] One Hour Fic Challenge!

Author: Kamika Farinas aka tinyangl
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1433
Characters: Tegopi [Tegoshi Yuya/Yamashita Tomohisa]
Summary: :\\\ Tegoshi thinks Yamapi tying his throat is really frigging hot.
Author's Note: Really, there's no point to this fic. For the latest round of One Hour Fic Challenge based on the calendars. NewS Calendars. We are pretending Tegoshi's tie was real. XP
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Tegoshi has never admitted to hating being the youngest - mainly because it'd be a bold face lie if ever he did. Except right about now he quite disliked being the youngest, because it meant that he'd be the last to get his photo shoot done. And as much as he liked how he looked in suits (especially the one they'd chosen for the calendar), Tegoshi hated the feel of his tie tightened around his throat. Aggravated, Tegoshi tugged on it, hoping it'll constrict a little less.

He slumped onto the couch inside the dressing room, frowning as he looked around at the empty quarters. Another thing about being last was that everyone finished before him. Currently, Massu was having his shoot while Shige was getting prepped in hair and make-up (which Tegoshi thought was quite useless when Shige's hair was still rather short). The other three had gone off to God only knew where... Which, no, Tegoshi didn't know despite the thoughts of many of his fans (and even his band mates). So that left Tegoshi to his own devices, which didn't really involve all that much when all he could think about was how annoying wearing a suit was.

Tegoshi tugged on his tie in frustration once more just as the door opened. His head jerked in that direction only to find an amused Yamapi, his hand frozen on his collar. For some reason, Tegoshi felt like he'd been caught doing something horrible, except there wasn't really anything bad about being annoyed by tight ties. "Um..." Tegoshi started, the silence between them getting much too suffocating.

Yamapi entered the room fully and shut the door behind him; whatever he held inside the plastic bag in his hand knocked against the door made a small noise. "Tight?" he asked, walking towards the couches. He sat down next to Tegoshi who had, by now, moved his hand from his collar to his knees, sitting rather stiffly.

"Un," Tegoshi replied back, still kinda frozen in his seat. Through the corner of his eye, he could see Yamapi examining him with this curiosity that made Tegoshi feel even more uncomfortable - for reasons that he still didn't understand.

"You should just loosen it," Yamapi murmured, his hand reaching out.

Tegoshi could feel his head spinning as he wondered what Yamapi was going to do. The logical side of him knew that Yamapi was only trying to do a nice deed - loosening his band member's tie when he knew said band member was annoyed with it. But when he felt Yamapi's feather-light touch around his throat, Tegoshi couldn't help the gasp that escaped his lips. Within seconds, Yamapi's eyes went from soft to wide and rather surprised. He didn't move his hand though, and even though Tegoshi could feel Yamapi slowly shifting his tie, the thought of Yamapi's hands on his throat made his mouth go a little dry. Yamapi's lips parted as apparently the tie was giving him a little bit of trouble, his eyebrows furrowing. Tegoshi made the terrible mistake of looking down at Yamapi, and instantly, the thought of Yamapi touching him changed to Yamapi leaving scattered kisses around his throat.

Tegoshi was starting to think he had a bit of a fascination with his own throat. That was the only thing he could think to explain these random thoughts.

It wasn't until he heard Yamapi mutter a quick "Oops" that Tegoshi snapped out of his thoughts enough to realize that Yamapi had not only succeeded in loosening his tie, but had pretty much taken it out of its knot. Tegoshi blinked; Yamapi faced Tegoshi, an embarrassed look on his features - even biting at his lower lip like he was nervous about Tegoshi's reaction.

"I'm sure I can fix this," Yamapi said quickly, his hands moving to un-flap the collar and re-adjust the tie around Tegoshi's throat.

Except, Tegoshi wasn't sure he could handle the tease any longer - especially when Yamapi was as close as he was. (It wasn't really a tease, Tegoshi thought, not when Yamapi had no idea the effect he was having on Tegoshi.) "I think it'll be fine," Tegoshi gasped; to his own horror, Tegoshi thought he sounded like he wanted this way too much. But he batted Yamapi's hands from his throat, trying to not look too panicked.

"Are you sure?" Yamapi frowned, his hands moving again towards Tegoshi's tie, but Tegoshi batted them away again. It took a few seconds before Yamapi could register that Tegoshi had batted him away not once, but twice. "Tegoshi, what-" he started, but Tegoshi had had enough of the teasing (even if, again, Yamapi really wasn't teasing him).

Tegoshi grabbed Yamapi by the collars of his shirt, trying to be mindful of the thought that they were supposed to be keeping these outfits neat for the rest of the shoot. Tegoshi pressed his lips against Yamapi's throat, almost letting out a sigh before he sucked lightly on Yamapi's skin. It wasn't exactly going as he had been picturing it in his head, but Tegoshi thought this alternative was better than anything else he had in mind. Yamapi's hands, which had originally been about to push Tegoshi away due to his surprise, were now tugging Tegoshi closer by his collars - the un-knotted tie forgotten on Tegoshi's lap.

Yamapi arched his neck back slightly, allowing Tegoshi more space as he assaulted Yamapi's throat - licking, nipping, sucking. His hands clutched Yamapi's head by the edges of his jaw, trying to keep himself steady, except Tegoshi could feel his heart pounding and something about this situation was getting all his senses in a tizzy. "Tegoshi," Yamapi moaned darkly when Tegoshi sucked at a particular spot longer than he had anywhere else - not like Tegoshi could help it when he was suddenly addicted to this taste that was Tegoshi.

Tegoshi pulled back, half-gasping and half-panicked and he recoiled from Yamapi like he'd been caught holding something hot for longer than he should've. "I don't-" he started, but Yamapi's hands were firmly on his cheeks - the firm, determined look on Yamapi's eyes made Tegoshi feel his insides go weak. Yamapi leaned forward, lips pressed against lips. It wasn't as frantic as Tegoshi's assault on Yamapi's throat - which was rather embarrassing when Tegoshi really thought about it. But with Yamapi taking control, tongues exploring mouths they'd never been in before, Tegoshi wasn't really thinking much.

Tegoshi's hands had somehow found themselves clutching at Yamapi's shirt, his yearn to get closer was taking over. Without even thinking, Yamapi had started unbuttoning Tegoshi's shirt; simultaneously, he tried to shrug Tegoshi out of his blazer. Just as they separated to get more air, the door to the dressing room was thrown open. On reflex, Yamapi and Tegoshi separated, both gasping for air, while Tegoshi went to work on putting his suit back on properly.

The remaining members of NewS walked into the room, chattering loudly amongst themselves before they turned their attention to the two.

"So this is where you were hiding," Ryo snorted, taking in Yamapi's somewhat frazzled nature as he struggled to untie the plastic bag he had brought into the room with him. His eyes narrowed when his gaze moved to Tegoshi who was trying to figure out how his tie worked.

"We're supposed to shoot the poster," Massu announced, bounding over to Tegoshi, presumably to help with the tie situation.

"Already?" Tegoshi asked, his voice an octave higher than it usually was.

Koyama gave Yamapi a dirty look, as though he knew what had transpired in the room, but Yamapi pointedly ignored him as he opened up one of the onigiris he'd bought, taking a big bite. "Yeah, since there are really only two individual shoots left and most of us are done," Koyama started, frowning slightly but not saying anything.

Shige clutched at Koyama's arm, tightening his grip - trying to say through actions not to say anything about it. "They want us to get this done so the others can leave."

"Ah," Tegoshi murmured, the combined efforts of him and Massu weren't doing much in terms of getting the tie fixed.

"Oh just forget it," Ryo snapped, grabbing Tegoshi by the hand and yanking him out the door. "I'm sure the tie doesn't matter."

"But!" Tegoshi frowned, but he was dragged out of the room either ways. He glanced backwards to see Yamapi looking at him through half-lidded eyes, like a reminder of what had just happened. Tegoshi gulped before looking forward. He had a shoot to finish before he could think about a continuation. Tegoshi gulped again.

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