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[#015] JE!HET REC LIST!!

Because I think there is a sore need for a rec list of just HET fics. ♥♥

Updated: 2010/03/20. I made the "executive" (lol) decision to add my own fics. (Well not all of them because they're not all great, but just a few that I particularly like. XD i swear i'm not conceited. xdxdxdxdxd)

Arranged by females, because I have no idea how to arrange this.
Although, first of all. helloyourself gets a sole mention here because okay, all het there so no need to dig through it. And omg, that's a lot of coding that is probably not necessary for me to do. SO GO GO GO. Mainly Yamapi/Maki, or I should just say there's a lot of Maki behind these posts. :DDDD All good. All the time. ...Meow. ...I don't know.

This is kind of self-indulgent as well, but reccing akeno_koru. An AU that I made alongside cynicalism ages ago where Maki joins JE and becomes a trio with Tegomass. So lots of Maki/Tegomass interaction, Yamapi/Maki, Johnny's boys/Maki. :D

Also, I'm going to be linking to specific ones, but just in general: heat_up_je which is the je!het!fanfiction comm. So friend it if you want more good het that I might've missed! :D

Since I've read most of these, there will be no comments other than, I READ THEM ALL. YOU SHOULD READ THEM TOO. :DDDD Some of these fics didn't have ratings so unless it's extremely obvious that it's NOT PG, I put PG. XD Sorry.

Abiru Yuu
- NC-17: Clean Start by anamuan [Abiru Yuu/Jin/Yamapi]
- NC-17: Masquerade Ball (the prompt, not really the title) by pixisticks [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu/Jin]
- NC-17: Masquerade Ball but Not by anamuan [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu/Jin]
- NC-17: Pool Table (Again, the prompt) by anamuan [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu]
- NC-17: Untitled by pixisticks [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu/Jin]
- NC-17: Untitled by pixisticks [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu/Jin]
- R: On friends and beer and dating a delinquent (memory remix) by anthropopathy [Yamapi/Abiru Yuu]
Wow, I have not seen so much porn for just one girl. Also, I am almost positive but I think all of these can be tracked back to 4_03_am. Just saying.

Anna Tsuchiya
- NC-17: Wagahai the Virgin Cat by ryogrande [Shige/Anna]

Aragaki Yui
- G: Look My Way | Impressions (2 drabbles) by emeraude_jade [Shige/Yui]
- PG: Collide by ryogrande [Shige/Yui]
- PG: Heavenly Days by faithgrowsold [Shige/Yui]
- PG-13: Behind the Scenes of a Summer Drama by ginzarhapsody [Yamapi/Yui]
- PG-13: Intervals of Three by tinyangl [Yamapi/Yui]
- PG-13: Making Headlines by tatoeba [Shige/Yui]
- PG-13: No Regrets (Prompt) by ginzarhapsody [Yamapi/Yui]
- PG-13: One Hundred Minutes by tinyangl [Koichi/Yui]
- PG-13: Repeating History by tinyangl [Yamapi/Yui]
- PG-13: Soundtrack of My Summer by dalampasigan [Shige/Yui]
- NC-17: Barely by kissandcry [Shige/Yui]

- PG: Suki da yo
by argle_fraster [Aiba/Becky]
- PG-13: Newlywed になりましょう! by nicefinalbeam [Aiba/Becky]
- NC-17: Forget the Monkeys by augustfai [Aiba/Becky]
- NC-17: The V.I.P. Treatment by astrangestorm [Matsujun/Becky]

Fukada Kyoko
- NC-17: Opening by souzoushite [Sho/Kyoko]

Horikita Maki
- G: Cradle-robber by anamuan [Nakamaru/Maki]
- G: Empty Handed by cynicalism [Yamapi/Maki]
- G: Sweet Like Pie by swtjemz [Massu/Maki]
- G: Temporarily Complicated by tinyangl [Massu/Maki]
- PG: Break The Sky - i. Summer Days, ii. Just A Girl (incomplete) by cynicalism [Yamapi/Maki]
- PG: Drabbles by cynicalism [Maki/KAT-TUN, Jin/Maki/Yamapi]
- PG: Keiko said that Yuu said that Toma said that Maki actually kind of maybe likes Yamapi by konliza [Yamapi/Maki]
- PG: Strange by kohee [Yamapi/Maki]
- PG: The Tale of Noa and Soa by sireensilver [Yamapi/Maki/Nino]
- PG: Three That Are Not His by sireensilver [Toma/Maki with Yamapi]
- PG: Twelve Minutes by kohee [Yamapi/Maki]
- PG: Uhm...Whut??? (AKA in which Maki Infiltrates JE) by cynicalism [Maki, NewS, KAT-TUN]
- PG-13: A Winter's Tale by frostbittenlove [Yamapi/Maki/Toma]
- PG-13: All That Sparkles by ryogrande [Nakamaru/Maki]
- PG-13: Conversations Among Sanitary Gentlemen by cynicalism [Nakamaru/Maki]
- PG-13: Rewind by jadedfrenzy [Yamapi/Maki, Tegomassuki]
- PG-13: Untitled - 1, 2, 3, 4 by sireensilver [Sho/Maki (hints of Matsujun/Meisa)]
- NC-17: Comforts of Home by jain [Yamapi/Maki/Kame]
- NC-17: Still Standing by ryogrande [Nakamaru/Maki]
- R: Between Lies by kohee [Yamapi/Maki]
- R: Strange Country by calledinvain [Yamapi/Maki]
- R: Three Times Yamapi Listened to His Friends, and One Time He Did What He Wanted by myxstorie [Yamapi/Maki]

Inoue Mao
- G: Jump by astrangestorm [Sho/Mao]
- PG: Track Seven by sireensilver [Nino/Mao]

Ishihara Satomi
- PG: Sweetness in Black Coffee by augustfai [Sho/Satomi]

Kato Ai
- PG-13: Post-its by astrangestorm [Toma/Ai]

Kato Natsuki
- PG: Track Five by sireensilver [Shige/Natsuki]

Kitagawa Keiko
- G: Like A Bowl Full of Cherries (Prompt) by ryogrande [Massu/Keiko]
- G: Moving Forward While Standing Still by yararanger [Ueda/Keiko]
- G: Some Kind of Fairytale by dalampasigan [Massu/Keiko]
- G: Twinkle, Twinkle by dalampasigan [Massu/Keiko]
- PG: Alumni by koneho [Yamapi/Keiko]
- PG: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss by changetje [Yamapi/Keiko]
- PG: Once by cynicalism [Massu/Keiko]
- PG: Stars and Strings by koneho [Massu/Keiko]
- PG-13: Like a Warm Buttered Gun by frostbittenlove [Shige/Keiko]
- PG-13: The Friends with Benefits Program by koneho [Yamapi/Keiko]

Kobayashi Ryoko
- PG-13: This is it by koneho [Ueda/Ryoko]

Koda Kumi
- NC-17: I Choose You by tatoeba [Yamapi/Koda Kumi]
- NC-17: Striptease (Prompt, not Title) by anamuan [Jin/Koda Kumi]

Kuroki Meisa
- G: Just Breathe by koneho [Kame/Meisa]
- PG: Four Johnny's Boys Meisa Turns Down and the One She Doesn't by tinyangl [Ultimately Kame/Meisa]
- PG: Mind Reading by cynicalism [Kame/Meisa with Yamapi/Maki]
- PG: Track Four by sireensilver [Ryo/Meisa]
- PG-13: I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view by spiritdream [Jin/Meisa]
- PG-13: It's a nice night and baby, you're my reason for living by zenfu [Jin/Meisa]
- NC-17: An Agreeable Arrangement by astrangestorm [Kusanagi Tsuyoshi/Meisa]
- NC-17: Awakening by ryogrande [Ryo/Meisa]
- NC-17: Queen of the Damned by ryogrande [K(Y)AT-TUN/Meisa]

Leah Dizon
- NC-17: Study Session (Prompt) by ryogrande [Shige/Leah Dizon]
- NC-17: Vanilla by pixisticks [Jin/Leah Dizon]

Nagasawa Masami
- PG: Just Like a Whirlwind by tinyangl [Koyama/Masami]
- NC-17: Sweet Revenge by ryogrande [Ryo/Masami]

Nakashima Mika
- PG: It's not the size of the mike, it's the length of the song by zenfu [Nino/Mika]

- G: Alignment by b2uty [Ryo/Kashiyuka]
- G: Second Time’s the Charm by fivethreerin [Koyama/Nocchi]
- PG: Airs and Social Graces by the_suit_case [NEWS/Perfume with Shige/Nocchi and Hikaru (Hey!Say!JUMP)/A-chan]
- PG: Shige Doesn't Need A Girlfriend; He's Got NEWS by the_suit_case [Shige/Nocchi]
- PG: Shige Is In A Bad Mood by the_suit_case [NEWS/Perfume]

Sato Megumi
- PG: A Little Bit of Snow by noble_scarlet [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG: And Straight On Til Morning by konliza [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG: Dorama by konliza [Yoko/Megumi, appearances by Suzuki Emi, S-Erika, Keiko]
- PG: Let's Call This Love by fivethreerin [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG: Ohkura Tadayoshi: Green Ranger of Love by konliza [Yoko/Megumi/Ohkura]
- PG: The Fine Line by konliza [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG-13: And the real Queen of Hearts ain’t even pretty by koneho [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG-13: Leaving Neverland by koneho [Yoko/Megumi]
- PG-13: Love in Sepia by ryogrande [Ohkura/Megumi]
- PG-13: Shige Wins by koneho [Shige/Megumi]

Sawajiri Erika
- G: Chocolate Frosted Happiness by cynicalism [Ryo/S-Erika]
- PG: Iris by noble_scarlet [Ryo/S-Erika] (sequel to "oh the places you'll go")
- PG: My Prince Will Come by kono_sora_ni [Ryo/S-Erika]
- PG: Stranded by honeymilk_tea [Ryo/S-Erika]
- PG: There And Back Again by dalampasigan [Ryo/S-Erika with Yamapi/Maki]
- PG-13: Coda by cynicalism [Ryo/S-Erika]
- PG-13: Dance Dance Dance by tinyangl [Jin/S-Erika]
- PG-13: The highest result of education is tolerance by dalampasigan [Ryo/S-Erika/Shige with Massu/Keiko at end]
- PG-13: The Ten Songs Of Ever-Parried Love by sireensilver [Ryo/S-Erika]
- R: Helena by noble_scarlet [Ryo/S-Erika]
- R: oh the places you'll go by calledinvain [Ryo/S-Erika]

Shida Mirai
- G: Childhood Friends by chiharu [Kamiki Ryunosuke, Yamada Ryosuke, Takaki Yuya, Miura Haruma, Shida Mirai, Hongo Kanata]

Suzuki Anne
- R: Names by mrsatterthwaite [Jun/Anne/Nino]

Toda Erika
- G: The Art of Language by xxheadclub [Nino/T-Erika]
- PG-13: On the Mating Habits of Flatworms by lethes_oblivion [One sided Ryo/T-Erika, One sided Nino/T-Erika, Aragaki Yui/T-Erika]
- PG-13: Shy Boy by trivialaffair [Ryo/T-Erika]
- NC-17: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble by ryogrande [Ryo/T-Erika]
- NC-17: Hot for It by tatoeba [Yamapi/T-Erika]
- R: Not Another Porn Movie by ryogrande [Koyama/T-Erika, Kusano/Ryo (not het, but significant)]
- R: Of Pretty Girls and Failing by trivialaffair [Ryo/T-Erika, Ryo/Shige]

Tokiwa Takako
- PG: A Love That Lasts by myxstorie [Yamapi/Takako]

Ueto Aya
- PG-13: Untitled by ginzarhapsody [Jin/Aya vs. Ryo/Aya (ahaha), Shige/Aya]

Yamashita Rina
- PG: Untitled by anamuan [Jin/Rina]
- PG: Untitled by musikologie [Jin/Rina]
- PG-13: 乱れてく BUTTERFLY by myxstorie [Jin/Rina]
- R: If You Want to Kiss the Sky Better Learn How to Kneel by musikologie [Jin/Rina]

- PG-13: This Could Be Your Love Song by koneho [Jin/YUI]

Multiple Females
- G: The Rift in Drift by sireensilver [Ryo/T-Erika/Nino with a little of Nino/Masami]
- PG: Masuda Takahisa--Love Doctor Extraordinaire by cynicalism [Massu, Yamapi/Maki, Ryo/S-Erika, Koyama/Shige/Yui, Tegomass]
- PG: Untitled by cynicalism [Maki/Meisa!friendship, hint of Yamapi/Maki]
- PG-13: Make Me a Match by musikologie [Massu/Maki, Nakamaru/Meisa]
- PG-13: The M Factor by ryogrande [Nakamaru/Massu/Maki/Meisa with Massu/Maki]
- PG-13: When the Best Friend Meets the Girlfriend by cynicalism [Jin/Yamapi/Maki, Koyama/Shige/Yui, Uchi/Ryo/Erika, Tegomass (ahaha), Kame/Meisa]
- NC-17: Love Outside the Box - 1, 2 by ryogrande [Jin/N-Maki with some Yamapi/Keiko, Ryo/Masami, Kame/Meisa]
- NC-17: Wrong Juliet by ryogrande [Yamapi/Meisa, Ryo/Masami, Meisa/Maki!friendship]
- (soft) R: CupidPi: Luv Doctor Extraordinaire by ryogrande [Shige/Megumi, Koyama/T-Erika, Kusano/Rina, Massu/Chisa, Ryo/Masami, Tegoshi/H-Maki, Uchi/S-Erika]
- PG-NC-17: Het Drabbles by ryogrande [Tegoshi/Inoue Mao, Nino/Masami and Sho/Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi/Shige, Meisa/Maki, Yamapi/Abiru Yuu(/Jin)]

Original Characters
- PG: Silent Like the Wings of Dawn by anamuan [Massu/OC]
- PG-13: Sherry by cynicalism [Jin, Sherry] (Yes, I count this as het, shut up. XD)
- PG-13: Theme and Variations, Op. 1: "Lola" by musikologie [Matsujun, Jin, Yokoyama, and Kame. Oh, and OFC.]
- NC-17: I Wanna Taste of That by tatoeba [Pin/OC]
- NC-17: Movement Three, Op. 1: "Whatever Lola Wants" by musikologie [Yamapi/Jin/OFC]
- NC-17: This Charming Man by burritos [Jin/OC, Pin]
- NC-17: Untitled by anamuan [Yamapi/An-An model]

Drama Fic
1 Litre of Tears
- G: Untitled by dalampasigan [Asou/Aya]
- PG: Falling In Love All Over Again by faithgrowsold [Asou/Ako]
- PG: Twelve AM by xcry [Asou/Aya]

- G: Rolling With The Punches by javiera [Akira/Box kinda]

- G: This Is Not Mongolia by ginzarhapsody [Kurosawa/Naoko]

Code Blue
- NC-17: Anger Management by maiaide [Aizawa/Hiyama]

Hana Yori Dango
- G: Untitled by gingifere [Rui/Makino]
- PG: Comedy of Eros by aliaspiral [Domyouji/Makino]
- PG: Four Times Domyouji Almost Wrecked (Someone Else's) Wedding, and One Time He Saved It by literarylemming [Domyouji/Makino, Sojiroh/Yuki]
- PG: Sympathy by procreational [Rui, Makino]
- PG-13: Four Times Tsukasa and Tsukushi Don't Have Sex (and One Time They Do) by happenstanc3 [Domyouji/Makino]
- PG-13: If You Want It by procreational [Domyouji/Rui, Domyouji/Makino]

- PG: A Volatile Affair - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by cynicalism [Kurosagi/Tsurara]
- PG: The Four Rules by cynicalism [Kurosagi/Tsurara]
- PG-13: 5 Minutes by the4_seasons [Tsurara/Kurosagi]
- PG-13: Drabble Batch for Kurosagi by lightstylings [Many. Slash and het and gen. Too lazy to type it all out]
- PG-13: Untitled by whyinever Kurosagi/Tsurara]

Nobuta wo Produce
- G: Malleable by procreational [Shuuji/Nobuta/Akira]
- G: Step to Start by fivethreerin [Nobuta/Akira]
- PG: This is Home Everywhere by procreational [Shuuji/Nobuta]
- PG-13: The Morning After by wintersjuly [Akira/Shuuji/Nobuta]
- PG-13: Warmer Together by wintersjuly [Nobuta/Shuuji/Akira]

Papa to Musume
- NC-17: Take My Hand by Anon [Kenta/Koume]

Ryuusei no Kizuna
- PG-13: Yeah, Fine Enough - 1, 2, 3 by faithgrowsold [Koichi/Shii/Tai, Koichi/Sagi in 3rd part]

- G: Success by ginzarhapsody [Yuuya/Minami]
- PG: Juunengo no Shiawaase (Happiness Ten Years Later) by ginzarhapsody [Yuuya/Minami]

Sore wa Totsuzen, Arashi no You ni
- PG: One Step at a Time by tinyangl [Takuma/Kozue]
- PG-13: Rebirth of the Phoenix by coiled_iris [Takuma/Kozue]

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
- G: Drowned by winterspel [Nao/Hiroto]
- G: The Things That Matter by anamuan [Nao/Hiroto]

Yukan Club
- PG: Treatises on Warfare by lonelybusiness [Seishirou/Noriko]
- PG-13: The Art of Something-Like-Love by konliza [Seishirou/Noriko]

- Code Blue/Kurosagi: R: If We Could Break by kohee [Kurosaki/Tsurara, Aizawa/Tsurara, Aizawa/Shiraishi]
- Hana Yori Dango/Kurosagi: PG: Echoes by walkwithheroes [Rui/Tsurara, Kurosagi/Tsurara]
- Kurosagi/Maou: PG: Of a Thousand Moments by redsn0wflakes [Kurosaki/Tsurara/Serizawa]

See! There you go. Lots of good het. (And I am missing a lot. Because I'm lazy. Also, I'm not S-Erika's biggest fan, so a lot of her fic is missing. Ignoring that though...) Now go sign up for je_whiteday. Yes, all that work for another pimpage. I am made of fucking awesome. And now I'm going to go relish in the fact that we already have over 30 people that signed up. (WE WOULDN'T MIND MORE THOUGH. NOT AT ALL. ♥♥♥)

If there is coding messed up. Let me know. T.T I will be sad if there is, but it's bound to happen.
Tags: i have too much free time, i like linking to shit, i really am shige (aka m), reccing those who deserve it
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