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sanity is a figment of the imagination

my wings don't exist
1 April
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tinyangl ~ An "angel" who hasn't yet learned how to push her feet off the ground and fly.
An Brief Introduction:
I'm currently a 22-year-old (SO OLD) filipina who lives in New York and travels from upstate into the city to go to City College. I go by the name Kamika (online), but if you'd like to call me Desiree (my real name), that's good too. As I said before, I live upstate with my parents, one grandmother, two older sisters, and one brother. XP A big-ish family, one could say. And irritating for the most part. XP

My "Jobs":
- ♥ ARK. Alen, Rhey, Kami. Best trio ever. ♥
- Check out my list called "Things I Do" in my regular LJ Page.
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I got snubbed at a club by Yamapi.
I went club , got drunk , and was a stupid shit with Akanishi Jin.
Nishikido Ryo only likes naisu oppais, which I don't have.
Kato Shigeaki thinks I'm intellectually stunted and thus cannot pass intelligence to my progeny!
Tegoshi Yuya likes hanging out with the boys more than me.
What's in this LJ?
For the most part, I tend to fangirl, a lot. It takes over a large part of my life and I do try my best to calm it down... But that never works. My fangirling is usually centered around actors/actresses, television shows, bands.... and very rarely, books. (Though, I've fallen for Johnny's Entertainment in a bad way. *laughs*) Also, don't be surprised to find a lot of my writing here. *laughs*

I do write about real life every now and then. I also have so weird stories about my family and whatnot, but I lead a boring life so those are bound to be not the most interesting posts in the world.

As for friending, I don't have a friend policy. Not really. Mostly, my posts are unlocked. However, on the rare occasion that I HAVE to lock a post, I totally will. But there aren't many. I tend to friend whoever wants me to friend them because if someone's going to take the time to read my entries, I'd like to give the same courtesy. I would really like it if you add me, to please comment to this post and just introduce yourself. ^_^ (On a side note, that post holds the links to entries that I personally think are worth a visit. *laughs* Because I like to pimp my own things.)
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